“A Democrat says One Nation Under God,” by Dr. James R. Wining



jimwiningFrom the past in a dream I received a message once said to several people including me as a child. The remarks were very complete, “I pray our party (Democratic Party) never becomes a party of special interests.” He went on to say, “We are the party of the working man, the farmer, the Protestant, the Catholic and the Jew.” His last remark now hits home, “We are the party of honesty, forgiveness and openness.”

His remarks were made in 1968 just before the horrible Democratic Convention in Chicago in 1968. It seems something was lost then and it has decade after decade continued to degrade our party leadership and our candidates. We in fact, have set such “Low Standards,” as to open the portals of USA government to a Republican candidate without experience, social demeanor or forgiveness in his heart.

The Republicans didn’t care about a liberal California or its concubine states. They strategized which states had high Christian, agricultural, labor and veteran populaces that totalled at least 270 electoral votes. In fact, inspite of what “Main Street Media,” said they didn’t care how these states had voted or what they were (Democratic or Republican)! So in essence the vote demonstrated The Democratic Party had lost its historical base.

I pray every night that President Trump will have love and compassion for our children and adults with special needs (autism). Furthermore, that he will care for those that have sacrificed so much for our country. Lastly, that he will show love and understanding that will build our pluralistic country into One Nation Under God.

Oh, by the way the beginning remarks were made by a lifelong Democrat my Dad, John R. Wining. I voted for the first time for Mr. Trump who I believe is more Democrat than Republican.