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To love and serve God through the printed word.

Whether you have a collection of sermons, testimonies, poetry or prose, Acts Ministry Press has the power to help you turn your thoughts into a book that will make you proud. Whatever the genesis, the amount of work which needs to take place to create a written work of any size deserves respect … and we have great respect for all of the works that we see. We will remember that it’s your book, you won’t ever need to worry about losing oversight. You will always have full control over all the phases of the process, to accept or turn down any and all changes.

Acts Ministry Press can help with editing, formatting, layout, printing.


Editing is the important second and third pair of eyes that can review your work along with you. We offer editing services that include: punctuation, capitalization, spelling, usage, grammar, word choices and more. We will make our recommendations for changes and e-mail them to you for your review to agree with or to let stand.

Page Layout

We will take your edited manuscript and create a completed and print ready copy of your book, saved as a PDF printer file to preserve the formatting exactly as it is when you approve it. This exact file will then be sent to the printer to be turned into your book.

Cover Design and Layout

We can assist in the conception, design and final layout of your book cover. With modern technology, full color covers are included in the printing costs. Acts Ministry Press can assist you in creating a cover of which you can be proud.


With modern technology, the cost to print books is a miracle in itself. Even in very small quantities such as 50 or 100 copies, perfectly bound books with full color covers can be within any writer’s grasp. An author no longer has to borrow money for his or her printing costs, but instead can order a few books at a time without a significant rise in the per piece cost.

Acts Ministry Press has more information available on its printing and publishing services. Drop us an email for more information.

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