“Games, Fun and Faith,” by Dr. James R. Wining




How many of us are shocked at the loss of simple fun for children today? Things like playing tag, bombardment, sledding and even “kick the can,” are prohibited at schools, churches and community activities. Also, have you noticed at state fairs children are quickly covenanted away from chickens, horses, cows and even llamas? Why would anyone think it’s safer for children to go to shopping malls over visiting a state fair or going to an outdoor community social.

The loss of simple fun is most likely founded on FEAR! Yes, FEAR has since the beginning of the “Cold War,” starting as far back as the 1950’s has been instilled in subsequent generations an obsession of unseen sinister evil forces. Simple games of pleasure are feared because physical exertion, and interaction with other living beings including animals is inherently dangerous and injurious. Protectionism has grown to the point children are perceived safe only if they are in the “plastic bubble” of their bedroom glued to the “fake computerworld.” 

As sad as this may seem for children it is actually worse for adults. The recent exaggeration of old “Cold War,” enemy Russia points out again our inability to have faith in our leadership through love understanding and a foundation of “Hope and not FEAR.” Adults in all political persuasions are “FEAR” motivated and it pours out to others including their children.

Let’s try and appreciate our country its constitution and the basis of its morals and values without the FEAR caused by judgement and prejudice. Let’s respect things from the past set in motion today for our enjoyment, protection and emotional stability. Finally, what about Matthew 22:39 and let’s love one another as ourselves. We, that is adults and children, might just enjoy life a little better!!!