“Whose Looking out for the USA?” by Dr. James R. Wining

The Weimar Democratic Republic (Germany) under Chancellor Paul von Hindenburg for the time period 1925-1934 was under attack by anarchists, Bolsheviks (Communists) and socialists pouring in from Russia, France, Austria.and from Bavaria (Germany). The country was experiencing constant riots, mass unemployment, underemployment and the general collapse of the economic, social and educational structures.

Popular Head of State Chancellor von Hindenburg closed the borders to foreigners and began mass deportation of the anarchists and close monitoring of the other disruptive groups. One of the groups were the National Socialists that promoted a car, a house,and a job for everyone. Also, they offered free health and free retirement. They filled in the gaps of the anarchists with their own flag burning, political hatred and social genocide against Masons, Jews, Christians and Catholics. They were lead by Adolf Hitler.

I am certain my German Grandfather would warn of “free gifts (entitlements),” of government disrespect, of rebellious spirits,and of ethnic/social/political exception. He would also state,” Self proclaimed Socialists are for collective ownership of the major means of production.” The average citizen will be left to serve those in collective leadership and never to receive a life of personal accomplishment. Be aware of what you give up if you follow those supporting collective ownership with civil disobedience to the republic.

Let’s get real now! President Trump is supporting citizen rights, financial fairness including a new tax code with responsible social support systems for the needy, the veterans and the disabled. Who are the sneaky bigoted, hate mongering people fostering war, disunity and prejudice? Anyone offering a pie in the sky, crying foul about citizen protection and rioting without social/political understandings. Now are they in Washington D.C.? Don’t be drawn to a crowd Hitler would form, just wait and see if President Trump is right. You maybe surprised!!!

Finally, teachers teach history we don’t want the USA to fall the way of Europe or do we???????