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GOA Show 19 Stephen Hunsley

Sponsor a Show   Description Watch Jim as he explores the value that churches can play in helping with families with autistic children attend church or church functions. Find out what both Jims have gone through in dealing with multiple churches on behalf of their autistic child. With special guest Stephan Hunsley from Grace Church find out […]

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GOA Show 18 – Dr Scott Hollis Diet

Sponsor a Show   Description Join Jim as he explores the in and out of Dr Scott Hollis's suggestions and information on the diet of America. Find out why wheat may not be as good for you as you think, and what you could replace it with. GuestsDr Scott Hollis Please shareRecent CommentsGOA Show 19 Stephen Hunsley […]

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GOA Show 17 – Vonda Minor

Sponsor a Show   Description Jim talks with Vonda Minor who works for the Missouri Department of Mental Health. And learn what she can help you with and get the information you need to see what the government or other entities can do to help you with your autistic child. GuestsVonda Minor Please shareRecent CommentsGOA Show 19 […]

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